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The Transportation Demand Management Committee focuses on research and application of strategies for modifying travel behavior to achieve more equitable mobility outcomes while making better, more efficient use of transportation infrastructure. These strategies include, but are not limited to: pricing, behavioral incentives, parking and curbside management, mobility-as a-service, and supporting modes like transit, walking, biking, and sharing rides. The committee is also focused on the development and integration of new technologies to provide travel information to users and enable next generation mobility options.

Vision: Lead the TDM and pricing research community in building robust TDM and congestion pricing strategies that embrace emerging and traditional solutions and balance preexisting and unprecedented societal challenge.

Mission: To foster, stimulate, exchange and disseminate research, pilot projects and best practice applications about TDM, including congestion pricing, with the aim of encouraging carefully crafted and impactful innovations across all modes of transportation.

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